Valeriya Berezhynska, life coach for athletes, performance & leadership specialist, main interests in building self-confidence, managing emotions and creating healthy team environments.


  • Professional Basketball Player 2008-2022
  • Ukraine National Team member & WNBA draft pick
  • Certified Physical Preparation Specialist, Diesel Strength
  • BA in Psychology [Rice University, 2008]
  • MA in I/O Psychology [Touro University Worldwide, 2020]
  • Professional Life Coach [iPec, 2014, ICF accredited]
  • Performance & Leadership Dynamics Specialist [iPec, 2022, ICF accredited]


I want you to know that I GET IT. I get the stress, I get the pressure, I get the insecurities and conflicts ON and OFF the court/field. My playing experience helps me understand and connect with athletes and athlete-minded individuals and my education gives me the tools and framework on how you can conquer your fears, manage stress and build confidence, achieve goals and so much more. I did it for myself, however late, and now I am offering you an opportunity to set yourself up for the best life experience and the highest possible performance you’re capable of.


  • READING. I have a book or two going at all times: interesting autobiographies (I love people’s stories), health/nutrition and all things about the brain (CBT, mind/heart connection, energy, beliefs, perceptions ...etc).
  • NEW EXPERIENCES. I believe that life is about experiences and I want mine to be varied and rich. Trying new things allows me to be a beginner and practice non-judgement, which is quite difficult after a life as a competitive athlete.
  • LIFE HACKS. A slight obsession of mine to find more efficient ways of doing things, organizing, getting deals...etc. It’s my version of gambling, but in reverse. As a result I’m quite handy when it comes to hair, nails, sewing, furniture refurbishing, room remodel and crochet to name a few.
  • CONNECTING. One of the things I’ve looked forward to in retirement is being able to connect more often with friends, in person, meet more people, hear more stories, learn from each other and create great life experiences.