The Athlete Emergency Room Team offers services to individuals, groups, teams, agencies, academies, educational facilities and organisations that are sports or non-sports focused. These include both individual and group, sessions, workshops and programs. 

Upon receiving your request for assistance our program co-ordinator will contact you to asses your needs. Your coordinator will be on call and ready to assist you at any point during your time with us.

In addition to providing life coaching, all of our therapists are qualified, certified professionals who are experienced in addressing and treating mental, emotional, physical and performance challenges.


Whether applying as an individual or organisation we provide a complimentary introduction session to help you become familiar with our therapists programs. You can then assess the outcomes and make plans for the sessions that appeal to you.


Our therapists provide individual and group sessions, breath work, energy work, guided meditation, EFT (tapping therapy), and a variety of other modules to help you deeply relax or re-energise, release tension, pain, stress/anxiety and significantly improve your daily life, individual and team performance.

Most of our team members have experienced competing at the top levels of their sport, so they can provide you with specialized help. They will be there for you during trying times, leaning on their own depth of wisdom and experience to assist you in overcoming obstacles and difficult circumstances or emotions.


We provide individual clients a complimentary 20 minute introduction to two of our coaching team members or psychologists. For teams or organizations interested in collaborating with us we deliver various introduction methods.


The Athlete Emergency Room seeks to educate, heal, and empower our clients so that you can realize your full human, life and performance potential. After each session and beyond, we want you to feel heard and supported so you can feel in alignment and confident and get a deeper awareness of the mind-body connection and how to utilize it. You can meet some of our team more personally on our team page and by watching our free themed webinars.


When working with our team, you can select sessions to suit schedules and opt for occasional support or longer term programs. We will always be adaptable throughout every stage.


The Athlete Emergency Room works with individuals, Teams, academies, clubs, schools, colleges and any organisations whether or not you are sports focused. 


Our courses, workshops and sessions are accessible and fairly priced thanks to the following: 

  • Initial meetings with certain of our team members are provided at no cost. 
  • Pricing on our tailored packages can be on a sliding scale for lower leagues or budgets. 
  • Individuals can pay a portion of the session fee for group/team sessions. 
  • If you wish to introduce a more permanent wellness program into your facility, free formal presentations are available for directors and  sponsors. 
  • If you are a looking for private sessions or are a leader in your organization, we would be delighted to set up a more intimate introduction to our Team to go over your requirements and potential arrangements.

If you have any questions or would like a PDF guide to our pricing please email and let us know your league or position and how we can potentially help you.


We look forward to hearing from you!


** IMPORTANT NOTICE. Please understand that if you are having issues with your mental, emotional, or physical health, we recommend that you contact and seek assistance from your personal primary care physician before contacting us. You also acknowledge that you have read our disclaimer and website terms and that by entering this webiste or moving forward with any correspondence or sessions with us, you are agreeing to them. Thank you.