Topic: WHO AM I? 


Are you struggling to find your identity after leaving or entering into professional sports? Then join our team of former professional athletes and coaches in an open and intimate discussion. Here, we will be sharing our emotions, concerns, joys, successes, and wellbeing advice, creating a space for meaningful exploration and growth.


Hosted by Athlete Founder and First Harmony Energy Therapist - Meena Stempfle 

Featuring the ATHLETE ER team members

Guests include;

Arianna Criscione - Former Paris Saint Germain goalkeeper and sports consultant

Jori Davis - Basketball professional and founder of WEVOLV

Angie Bjorklund - WNBA & Euroleague Basketball Player & Somatics Coach

Tinara Moore - Euroleague Basketball player

Tony Beasley - Former Euroleague Athlete and current S&C Coach for student athletes

Ambrosia Anderson - Euroleague Basketball Player


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Join the Athlete Emergency Room Team in our 60-minute bi-monthly webinar series! 


Our team of therapists from various modalities, as well as our professional athlete mental and performance coaches from top leagues around the world, will share personal experiences and provide practical guidance and insights on how to build resilience, recover from mental trauma, heal injuries, and drastically improve your life, body, health, wellbeing and performance! 


We will delve deeply into mindfulness and the mind-body connection in this series. We'll introduce and educate you in mindful practices, cutting-edge remote energy treatments, alternative pain and injury healing approaches, breath exercises, intuitive eating and more! 


Each webinar will be followed with a relaxing guided energy treatment, meditation, visualization, or breathwork* practice. You can learn new, and often remarkable skills throughout these workshops.


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  • *Please note - Our Energy Therapy sessions are only in the live events and will not be featured in the replays due to privacy terms.

WEBINAR 01 - replay



Do you or someone you know have body image issues? Do you know what they are? What are eating disorders and how do they develop? How can can you balance you mental health surrounding these issues and help yourself and others? 


Introducing  The Ladies From The Athlete Emergency Room

Meena Stempfle - Master Energy Therapist for Pro Athletes & Athlete ER Founder

Sign and Symptoms Of Eating Disorders - Marie-Lou Morin - Former Synchronised Swimming Pro

Disordered Eating - Jacquelyn Hackett - Sports Nutritionist 

Mental Health - Jessica Coenen - Sports Psychologist 


You will also hear personal experiences from the other ladies in our Athlete ER team...


Kalis Loyd - Basketball Professional - Toulouse Métropole Basket 

Gina Lewandowski - FC Gotham & FC Bayern

Taylor Cook - Professional Ice Hockey Goalie

Isabel Kovacic - Volleyball professional 

wEBINAR 02 - replay



What is Energy Therapy and how can it heal pain, injuries and enhance performance in just 60 minutes? What is the scientific basis behind this? What is the definition of mindfulness? What are some ways you can practice mindfulness to improve your well-being and help you perform better? Explore these subjects with members of our Athlete Emergency Room Team.


The Power Of The Mind - Josh Young - Pro Basketball Player Bundesliga

Mindfulness - Gina Lewandowski - Pro Soccer Player NWSL & Bundesliga

What is Energy Therapy & Mindfulness - Meena Stempfle - Master Energy Therapist for Pro Athletes & Athlete ER Founder




Join CHRIS HEID our wonderful Athlete ER Team Member
, Former NHL & DEL Athlete, and former Head Coach
 as he takes you through this highly valued program - The Resilient And Mentally Tough Athlete


Not one to miss! Whether you are an athlete or not  - you will find some amazing insights and takeaways.

Please note that some aspects of this webinar, including the relaxation session, will not be available in the replays.


WEBINAR 04 - Replay

Our valued team member Jacquelyn is a former collegiate volleyball and basketball athlete, personal trainer and certified Dietitian Health Coach.


Topics include: What are healthy diets, mindful eating and intuitive eating? What does this mean for athletes and how can they incorporate more beneficial ways of eating?


Please note that some aspects of this webinar, including the relaxation session, will not be available in the replays.



Join Aleix for a fascinating presentation on performing with mindfulness. Aleix, who spent 10 years coaching soccer at FC Barcelona, has some insightful advice to share! 


A wonderful conversation starter is the Q&A session with female professional basketball and volleyball players from our audience. 


wEBINAR 06 - replay

Athlete ER team members Kelsey Domiana N’ dour & Meena Stempfle will be featured in this FREE webinar event. Topics include; What is Energy Medicine? What is Tapping Therapy? How can we regulate our emotions and nervous systems with natural therapy and improve performance?


Click on the link above to watch the webinar recording.


Meet Meena Stempfle, is the founder of Athlete ER & First Harmony. With a background in hospital and hospice care, Meena transitioned her expertise to support elite athletes, coaches, and teams worldwide. As a highly skilled Master Practitioner and Energy Therapy Teacher, she specializes in pain and injury healing, stress and anxiety relief, and performance optimization. Join Meena for an insightful presentation on energy therapy and discover how her practice can elevate your life. Listen to glowing testimonials from satisfied sports clients via the link and book in for your complimentary introduction session today!


Introducing Domiana, a former professional basketball player, devoted mother of three, and esteemed Somatic Healing Coach. With a lineage deeply rooted in elite athletics, Domiana brings a unique understanding of the challenges athletes face. Drawing from her extensive training in Somatic therapies, she offers a holistic approach to healing and personal growth. Experience a tapping session with Domiana in this webinar and embark on your journey to holistic well-being. 


To book your free introduction session, speaker events or podcasts with or Domiana or Meena, contact us.

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