welcome to The athlete ER

Our team at The Athlete Emergency Room is made up primarily of former professional athletes who have made the transition to careers in mindful based psychology, therapy, coaching, and mentoring. 


Everybody is aware of the anxieties, issues, injuries, and imbalances in one's physical and mental health that come with living with and participating in high-performance careers and professional sports. The Athlete Emergency Room team is united by a desire for an integrated approach to total wellness, which has benefited both our own personal lives and the recovery of our clients.



On one easy online platform, we offer mindfulness-based counseling, life coaching, mental health assistance, performance training, and mentoring in addition to well-established complementary therapies like breath work, energy therapy, EFT, mindfulness training, and guided meditation. Additionally, we can refer our customers to a more specialized network of mental health and rehab facilities. 


Everyone can benefit from our care and unique collaborative approach, from college students to parents to professional athletes and coaches. We can help you resolve your mental, emotional, and physical issues, increase your performance significantly, and regain inner peace and confidence.


We welcome you all to The Athlete Emergency Room!