welcome to The athlete ER

Welcome to The Athlete Emergency Room - a unique, cutting edge collective of former professional athletes who have transitioned into mindful psychology, therapy, coaching, and mentoring.


Fueled by an intimate understanding of the unique challenges posed by high-performance, career pressures, sports-related issues, and today's global complexities, we are dedicated to fostering wellness and well-being through an integrated approach tailored to our clients' needs.


Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive range of services encompassing counseling, mental training, coaching, and unwavering support for your wellbeing, resilience, performance optimization, and life acumen. Our arsenal of effective therapies, including breathwork, energy therapy, EFT, mindfulness, and guided meditation, empowers you to reclaim balance and vitality. We also offer online or in-person seminars and workshops in areas of leadership, resilience and real life in professional sports, where you can gather a wealth of knowledge from any number of chosen practitioners from our team.


At our core, we are a compassionate team passionately invested in improving the existing structures of athlete care. Whether you're a student, parent, educational institution, sports club, or seasoned athlete, our offerings are designed to equip you with the tools to gracefully navigate stress, process emotions, elevate performance on and off the field, attain peak vitality, and manifest personal aspirations - while unearthing inner tranquility and self-assurance.


Step into The Athlete Emergency Room, where your journey towards amplified well-being and peak performance begins!