For professionals working in high-performance sports finding the right people to help you emotionally, physically, and mentally isn't easy. Our one-of-a-kind online EMERGENCY ROOM is a concept born out of necessity and collective knowledge that humans need more help and support nowadays to feel mentally balanced and healthy. 


Athlete ER is all about strengthening the mind-body connection, motivating, encouraging, and supporting others through their daily life struggles, as well as equipping them with the knowledge needed to maintain happy lives and careers. 


Our diverse team has worked in professional sports as players and coaches or therapists and psychologists. Most of our team have suffered from injuries, pain, stress, anxiety, depression, or performance issues in the past and have come back from each setback stronger, wiser, and ready to share their knowledge with you. Who better to help you in your sports career than someone who truly understands what it means to be a sports professional person and the struggles it brings? 


We are here to listen to you, improve your health and wellbeing, help you enhance communication & performance, and assist you in planning a more structured and mindful way of living and being. 


Athlete ER can pair you with the best person to serve your needs or build a trusted and supportive team around. We make sure at every stage that you receive the best possible care.


We take into account a person's schedule, character, and personal needs. Using our broad range of collective skills and knowledge and tried and tested methods of mental, psychological, and physical recovery therapies, we bring you personalized long or short-term support whenever you need it.