welcome to The athlete ER

Our one-of-a-kind online Athlete Emergency Room concept was born out of a desire to help people address and overcome negative experiences, prevent injuries, improve mental health and performance concerns, and live their best lives and careers!


Our passionate team is made up of former and current professional athletes, coaches, and sports therapists from around the world who have all experienced the demands, tensions, and anxieties that come with working in professional sports and high-performance environments. We've also witnessed the effectiveness of positive mindful thinking and integrative therapies, which aren't always readily available.


The mission of our collective is to provide support and therapeutic services to those entering or currently in high-performance industries as well as early intervention to those who may be suffering in silence.


During our human-centered holistic collaborations, we consider all aspects of a person's wellbeing- physically, emotionally, socially, mentally, and spiritually. The Athlete ER provides a more direct experience that provides everything a person may need all in one place.


Our online service includes one-on-one counseling, life coaching, mentoring, and performance coaching, as well as group sessions, mental health therapy, and free educational webinars where you can experience our energy therapies such as Breath Work and Energy Therapy and get to know all of our practitioners in Our Team. We also invite special guest elite athletes and coaches from around the world to talk about their experiences and give practical tips, so don't forget to sign up below for our free newsletter and webinar invites!


The Athlete ER Team understands from their own experiences that it is much simpler to achieve excellence and enjoy life and sports when we can stay in balance. Our goal is to provide individuals with balancing therapy and support, exciting educational experiences, enhanced performance and life skills, and most importantly, peace of mind.  


Welcome to the Athlete Emergency Room!


Please write to info@athlete-er.com for more info or if you would like to work with any of our team members collectively or individulally.