welcome to The athlete ER

Our dedicated team is mostly made up of former and current athletes who have made the transition from playing to coaching, mentoring and sports therapy. All are familiar with the pressures, challenges, and difficulties that come with working in high-performance and professional sports environments. Additionally, the majority have firsthand knowledge of the numerous harmful effects, which range from injuries to imbalances in mental health.


All of us are here as a result of learning about more integrative approaches to wellbeing and how certain mindfulness techniques and complementary therapies dramatically aided their recovery, mindset and performance. All have incorporated these methods into their coaching sessions and programs, while some have gone on to become practitioners in these fields.


Our collective purpose is to provide assistance to people with mental and physical health problems who want to explore a  more holistic approach to life, health, and performance improvement. In one convenient location, we offer mindfulness-based psychology, counseling, life coaching, mental health assistance, mindset and mindful performance training, mentoring, and effective complementary therapies including breath work, energy therapy, EFT, mindfulness, and guided meditation. Together, we make sure that each person receives care that addresses all of their difficulties and performance requirements.


From students to elite athletes, our distinctive collaborative method can help everyone in a variety of ways, including; reducing injury risk, addressing pain conditions, hastening recovery, treating stress-related illnesses and PTSD, restoring confidence, significantly improving performance, and bringing inner calm and focus to daily interactions, games, events and activities.


We all welcome you to The Athlete Emergency Room!