Athlete ER offer an alternative holistic approach and focus on repairing and uniting the mind, body, and spirit and supporting your wellbeing.


Our remote and in-person therapies, webinars and workshops are all available via a video call at your convenience. We work with individuals, teams, companies, education facilities, and agencies, combining our collective expertise and sessions to suit you and deliver a professional and highly effective service. 


 Mental Health Solutions and Support

  • Deep Stress & Tension release sessions for groups an individuals
  • Pain & Injury relief and management via NLP and Energy Work
  • Trauma Release
  • Counseling 
  • Injury Healing Acceleration Treatments
  • Sports Psychologist Sessions
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Breathwork Coaching
  • Self Healing Tutoring
  • Racism and discrimination Support
  • Rehabilitation Support
  • Concussion Management and support
  • Spiritual Counselling
  • Spiritual training
  • Law of Attraction Coaching
  • Body Dysmorphia Therapy
  • Group/Team Therapy
  • Athlete Mentoring services


Life And Performance Coaching

  • Mental Resilience Training
  • Life Coaching
  • Performance Psychology
  • Individual Performance Enhancement
  • Athlete Transition Support
  • Team Performance Enhancement
  • Pre-game Energy Therapy Sessions
  • Winners Mindset Training
  • Mental Fitness
  • Effective life planning
  • Intuitive Dieting
  • Transition Support
  • Relationship counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Conscious Parenting Courses
  • Addiction Therapy and Support
  • Sexual Health Support and Therapy
  • Financial Planning


Whoever and wherever you are in the world, our online Emergency Room can help you right now.

We will evaluate your needs and get the right help for you, to you, fast.


Please email in the first instance or use our online contact form