Hello, my name is Saar Gal, I am a Social Psychologist (M.A) with expertise in Sport and Exercise Psychology and Performance enhancement. A few years ago, I enrolled in B.A. in psychology, knowing that I want to provide psychological knowledge, support, and skills for athletes. It happens to be my main interest in life owing to my memory as a young football player: I loved football just as much as it made me stressed - and I didn't have any explanation for this issue. So I quit frustrated at the age of 16.


I spent my student years forming and formulating the reasons for my immense passion for "Sports Psychology" and working with athletes. It came down to my deep faith in the potential of fostering the Psychological component among athletes for enhancing performance. Furthermore, in the increasingly intensive sports field, I believe athletes must receive highly professional emotional and mental support by default to avoid psychological damage. 


Motivated by this faith, I dedicated my life to studying and investigating psychology at large and "Sports Psychology" specifically. One of my primary tools that express my approach the most is using Meditations and Mindfulness. For that reason, that was my M.A.'s thesis theme, and my thesis research is entitled: "The Effect of Mindfulness Meditation on Running Discomfort, Perceived Exertion and Attention Allocation on Recreational Runners."


I worked with the Israeli Archery National team, preparing one Olympic archer for Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. And nowadays, I work with other sports teams, including Handball and Basketball. I deliver remote sessions and meet athletes for one-on-one sessions.