On August 22nd 2015, a month after celebrating my 46th birthday I was hit by a car while riding my motorcycle. This incident almost cost me my life. But looking back in hindsight, this was an awakening. This was meant to happen so that I could truly understand what my purpose here on earth was.


Hi my name is Rob Pallante and I spent most of my life trying to figure out who my authentic self is? My  first 26 years were spent dedicated to being a hockey player. Growing in a suburb of Toronto and having a father who excelled in the sport I naturally migrated to that game. Although I played other sports and enjoyed competition I identified as a hockey player. Hockey served me well and I was able to progress through the sport gaining a scholarship to an NCAA division I school and then go on to play a few years in the minor leagues. My hockey career from college to pro was riddled with injury and adversity that I labeled as “not my fault” and I exited the game with bitterness. I transitioned into the corporate world and had alot of early success. 


Much like my hockey career I now identified as a corporate sales leader. Similar to the jerseys I wore when I played hockey, I now dressed the part and played the role of what was expected of me. Still not completely happy or satisfied. My life was not fulfilled and money and cars and success wasn’t filling the void. My marriage was falling apart, I travelled weekly and my relationship with my kids was distant. On the outside it looked like I had my shit together but on the inside I was trying to figure out who I was supposed to be.


Then that almost fateful day in August was the wake up call. It brought me within inches of my life but was the biggest blessing I could have received. So now my mission is to be a servant leader and help high performance, mission driven athletes identify their authentic selves and unlock that unlimited potential that will in turn serve them now in their sport and later in life.