Hello, I'm Meena Stempfle. I am British of East Indian and East African descent and for the last six years, my focus has been on helping sports professionals to recover from mental and physical issues. I have practiced professionally for 13 years as an Energy Therapist and counsellor. My initial training was in a Japanese module of Energy Medicine, where I reached the highest level in the western world - Reiki Master Teacher Level 4. I specialized in energetic balancing for the mind, body, and spiritual health of an individual. I enhanced my knowledge of energy through exploring Quantum Physics and like to bring this knowledge, in layman's terms, to my clients and students. 


In the last decade, Energy Medicine has been used alongside traditional medicine in medical settings to aid the recovery of patients. I worked in three major London hospitals from 2008 -2012 within a multidisciplinary team. I helped patients in a range of conditions that included; cancers, broken bones, diseases, post-surgery recovery, chemotherapy side effects, and those in intensive care. 

I treated stress and burnout in doctors and nursing staff and patients and families coming to terms with the end-of-life process while working in hospice care. 


This incredibly fulfilling period of my life helped me in many ways; it deepened my practice, helped me to understand and respect different perspectives, religions, cultures, and faiths, and extended my understanding and knowledge of the mind-body connection. Most of all, I came to the profound realization that we live one life here and that we should all be able to experience good health, peace, and joy. This is something I believe can be accomplished through a more holistic approach to health and life.


Energy medicine is defined by science as an energetic or informational interaction with the Bio-Energetic Field to balance bodily functions and systems. This field has been studied and proven to exist by scientists and physicists. Energy Therapies are medically non-invasive, complementary therapies and practices that can aid mental and physical recovery. Other forms of Energy Practices; Meditation, Yoga, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, and Kinesiology, all can bring about varying states of homeostasis that can free us from anxiety, stress, and in many cases physical distress. 


I am the founder of Athlete ER and First Harmony and have developed these service-based businesses to help those in need to balance their wellbeing and lives. I have got to know all of the practitioners on Athlete ER personally over my time working in the sports industry and admire and appreciate each one for their unlimited passion for helping others and their human first approach. Bringing us all together was a natural progression, we are all excited to be delivering these services in collaboration! We look forward to welcoming you to Athlete ER and assisting you on your journey!