Professional background

Hello, I'm Meena! I am the founder of The Athlete Emergency Room and First Harmony. I was born and raised in the United Kingdom and currently live in Munich, Germany. I have explored energy and how imbalances affect our health, happiness, and well-being for the majority of my adult life. Since it ties the scientific justification for energy therapies together, my research into quantum theory and its connections to energy work has also enriched my practice.


I have been a certified Energy Instructor for the past 13 years. Starting in 2008, I had the extraordinary and educational privilege of working as part of a multidisciplinary team at three hospitals and hospices in London. I provided assistance with end-of-life care, offered natural pain relief and symptom reduction, pre and post surgery and chemotherapy sessions, and assisted patients, their families, and medical personnel in recovering from stress, burnout, and anxiety symptoms.


This tremendously rewarding chapter of my life aided me in a multitude of ways, including honing my practice, enabling me to appreciate and respect diverse perspectives, religions, cultures, practices, and faiths, and expanding my understanding and awareness of the mind-body connection.


As of 2017, my professional focus began to include sports professionals. I have assisted athletes, coaches and teams in a variety of ways, using what I have learned, experienced, and practiced to empower them in their lives and careers. My clients have come from many leagues globally, including elite athlete, club staff members, sports platforms and students. I give sessions on achieving flow states through mindful energy practice, as well as mental, physical, and emotional rehabilitation. I specialize in treating injuries and unresolved pain. 


I'm passionate about helping anyone to find harmony and well-being in both their personal and professional lives. On my First Harmony website, you can view several experience testimonials from my professional sports clients as well as job references from my hospital experience.


My experience working in medical settings has shown me the significance of teamwork and how this can hasten the process of healing, both psychologically and physically. For this reason, I fully believe in holistic and collaborative approaches. 


The idea behind the Athlete Emergency Room initially developed because I believed that sports professionals' daily lives involved many stressors that only someone who worked in the field could truly comprehend. I also wanted to offer my clients the option of daily support to help them negotiate the complex and delicate balance, with which I had no firsthand experience. 


It quickly became apparant that every course offered by our practitioners was extremely helpful for anyone in need and produced quicker outcomes because of the intensity of their prior experiences and the extensive transferable knowledge they had amassed to identify solutions.


Welcome to the Athlete ER, where we sincerely hope and trust you will discover the answers you need!

why me?

  • I give simple slide-show presentations that offer fascinating insights into the underlying science behind the mind-body connection
  • In just one 60-minute session I can guide you or your team into deeper states of relaxation and help you to release stress, tension, aches, and pains that may be hindering your performance. I offer a free introduction session.
  • Within 3 x 90 minute intensive sessions, I can teach you Energy methods so you can bring self-healing into your daily routine in your own time.
  • If you or your team are struggling, I offer tailor-made sessions that can easily give you the winner's edge by boosting your confidence, energy, and performance. 
  • If you have wondered how you can induce flow states, I also teach teams and individuals how to create this elusive state within just a few seconds, while on the court or field.
  • If you have suffered past physical, mental, or emotional trauma together we can address this and bring you into full alignment where the past is no longer a burden.

What i enjoy?

  • Spending time with my husband and our three children is what I enjoy doing the most. I adore the outdoors and the water, and I try to spend as much time as I can in rural Tuscany and Bavarian lake towns where I currently reside. 
  • I've been practising various types of yoga for over 25 years. My favorite type of yoga is Hatha, and I adore how quickly and easily it can help me find alignment and tranquility. 
  • I believe in both God and the Buddhist way of thinking and living when it comes to spirituality. This has proven to be a powerful anchor in both my personal life and in helping me naviagate my work with clients, especially when working in hospice care. Fun fact: This website's green color is actually the official color code for the Tibetan flag!