Kalis Loyd is a professional Basketball Player (Toulouse Metropole Basket), Mindful Performance Coach, General Manager, Student’s Mentor, Public Speaker and a Sport and Nutrition Enthusiast.



  • 8+ years of international experience, as a professional basket player.
  • Selected in the Swedish National Team since 2004 with U16 and 2014 with the Senior National Team ⭐️ Competed in 3 Eurocup and 2 Eurobasket playoffs.
  • Certified Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach and graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration and Management.


  •  As an Athlete I will not always be on a team or involved with a competitive athletic pursuit but my athlete mindset will never shut off.
  •  More than the trophies means to me that I was able to add my way of understanding the game into all the teams I played in. 
  • My longevity in the sport, my ability to grow as a personality that we can relate to, and being able to do something good to other people showed me that I picked the right path.


  • 📚 I value being self-actualized and always keep up-to-date, therefore I upgraded my knowledge by reading 2 books per month on everything from autobiographies, self improvement, health.
  • 👉🏾 I partnered with food and sportswear brands acting as a Brand Ambassador helping them leverage their brand and customer experience.
  • 🏀 As a competitive and passionate basketball player, I am involved in the sport community to set up a training performance for new generation of athletes.
  • 🌱 Cooking and living a healthy lifestyle - I like to experiment different things such as specific diet, trainings, wellness treatment and see how they affect my body.
  • 🔸 Rooted in a love for dynamic environments, and purpose-driven work, I seek to surround myself with other curious minds to solve problems and innovate new ways to instantiate meaningful change.