Juan Manuel Fernandez is a former professional Basketball Player who played for Temple University (NCAA), Argentina (National Team), Spain & Italy (League Teams). He is also a qualified Life & Success Coach.


My name is Juan M. Fernandez, and I spent over 10 years playing professional basketball before becoming a certified life coach. I now work with athletes and other high performers in areas like mental performance, life and career transitions, self-confidence, mentoring and guiding them to embrace change as a catalyst for growth.


My own journey into coaching began when I experienced burnout at 31. My transition out of basketball was difficult, and it seemed like no one understood what I was going through. But as I started sharing my struggles, I discovered that many other athletes were facing similar obstacles. This is when I saw an opportunity to help in a much-needed area. My coaching career started with a focus in career transitions, later expanding into the other areas mentioned before.


As athletes, we pour every ounce of physical and mental energy into becoming our best version. Along the way, we develop unique skills and a mindset that drives our success. It is these skills and mindset that empower us to thrive beyond the game. It’s also these skills and mindset that help high performers in other industries and ventures.


However, during moments of confusion, difficulties, and stress, it can be challenging to recognize and leverage these qualities. Sports aren't just something we athletes do; they become a part of who we are. And when that part of our lives is gone, we have to rediscover ourselves.


Who am I beyond the athlete? 

What other passions and interests do I have? 

How will I find meaning and purpose beyond the game?

What are those transferrable skills that will help me succeed in this new phase of my life?


These are questions that most of us ask ourselves when transitioning out of a long career. My job is to guide you to uncover your own answers. Everything you need is within you, and I am here to help you bring it to light. Trust me, once you experience that ‘aha’ moment, you will become unstoppable.


Because I’ve been there. I retired from basketball to prioritize my mental health when everybody was telling me not to. I took a job in corporate that lasted six weeks, not afraid to make a strategic move toward what I believed to be my calling. I have found a new passion and purpose beyond the game through trial and error, and these experiences allow me to guide and mentor fellow athletes through their own life and career changes and struggles.


  • Student-athlete at Temple University – Class of ‘12.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism and Master’s Degree in Creative Writing.
  • 10+ years of professional basketball experience in Europe (Spain and Italy).
  • Former member of the Argentinian junior and senior basketball national teams.
  • Certified Life & Success Coach by the Jay Shetty School of Coaching.