In December of 2015, I laid in a hospital bed in a foreign country away from all my friends, family, and everything I knew. I had just undergone surgery to replace the damaged cartilage in my left knee, an injury that doctors told me would end my professional career. As I laid there, my leg was in more pain than I had ever experienced in my life, it still didn’t amount to the pain of thinking that the one thing I had invested all my time and energy into, the game I loved so much, had come to an end. I realized two very important things at that moment in time.

  1. My whole identity was wrapped up in a sport that was potentially over.
  2. I had been competing against other people my whole life not realizing that the entire time I had neglected to compete with my greatest competition - myself. 

My name is Josh Young, 12-year basketball pro and founder of Competition of One. You weren’t born to be average. You weren’t born to be good. You were born to be GREAT! My goal is to help you walk in that greatness by helping you get clear in these three areas.

  1. Clarity of person - who are you at your core. Self-image is the barrier to personal achievement. How you view yourself will dictate the level of your life.
  2. Clarity of purpose - why are you here? There is a specific reason that air is moving through your lungs right now. It’s not a coincidence you are here on this earth. Understanding why will change your life forever and
  3. Clarity of process - how can use what you’ve been given to begin to live a life of impact and abundance. We each have been given gifts that were meant to be used for the world. You couple that with the creative flow you possess and now you are moving in your creative process.  

Why me?

As athletes, many times we are neglecting the best parts of who we are to pursue a sport that will inevitably one day come to an end. I want you to understand that the greatest part of your existence is not wrapped up in your ability to kick, throw, hit, or shoot a ball. You are destined for greatness and YOU are the only person that can ever stop you from living it.