Hello, my name is Dustin Stanton. 


I’ve experienced many peaks and valleys throughout my professional football career, and from these experiences, I’ve acquired the wisdom and knowledge to help you become optimal in this life. 


Coming from a nowhere town, and school, I defied the odds by earning a full-ride scholarship to Oregon State. There, when I was told to switch positions from tight end to tackle, I gained 44 pounds of muscle in 6 months and earned the starting spot. I became a captain and a leader of that program, and earned all-conference honors. 


After being cut my first year in the NFL by Cincinnati, with no interest from teams, I took an elite, highly regarded corporate job… and hated my life. I experienced no passion, no purpose, and was completely unfulfilled. I returned to the NFL, signing with Dallas, as part of one of the best offensive lines in the league. 


While playing the best football of my life, at the pinnacle of my career, I suffered a career-ending injury. 

I’ve learned profound life-lessons throughout this journey and have been shown secrets of life and reality through this process.