Hello, my name is Dustin Stanton. 


If you would have told the high-school-aged Dustin Stanton that he would one day be an offensive lineman in the NFL, I, and everyone around would have laughed. I grew up in a tiny, one-minute town in Washington, and went to a small, unheard of 2A high school. My nickname was “Noodle” because I was so tall and skinny. But I had heart, passion, and a tremendous work ethic. 


I ended up becoming one of the top-ranked tight ends in the country and earned a full-ride scholarship to Oregon State. My sophomore year, we had numerous offensive linemen go down with injuries, so the coaches told me I would be switching positions to offensive line. I was devastated. I worked too hard to become the best tight end I could and was about to have my breakout year as a tight end. I was thinking about quitting or transferring. But after conversation and prayer, I decided to take on the challenge


It was the hardest but most rewarding thing I had ever done. In six months, I gained 44 lbs of muscle. I was training 2-3 times a day during spring and fall football, eating 9,800 calories a day, on top of studying entrepreneurship and learning a new position. I ended up becoming a starter that season and remained the starter throughout the rest of my career. I became a captain and leader of the program and earned all-conference honors.


From there, I played four years in the NFL for Cincinnati and Dallas. The journey had many ups and downs, teaching me some of the most valuable lessons of life, faith, and sport. A brutal and complicated knee injury ended my career, but began this understanding of profound knowledge and wisdom of what the human being is capable of achieving in this life. 


I believe we have the capability to live extraordinary lives. But what must apply ourselves with purpose, passion, heart, tenacity, determination, and faith. My passion is to help you realize your full potential in sport, and in life. 


  • Empowerment, Mindset, and Performance Coach
  • Empathetic Guidance & Mentorship for Sport & Life
  • Elite-Level Wisdom & Experience for Athletics and Life-Seasons