Individuals, teams, agencies, and organizations interested in a month-to-month support service should follow the steps outlined below. For information about our free introductory or workshop programs, send us an email. Our entire team is prepared for speaking engagements. We look forward to meeting from you!

Stage 1: Triage/ASSESSMENT

Upon receiving your request for assistance one of our programme co-ordinators will contact you to asses your needs.

Your coordinator will be on call and ready to assist you at any point during your time with us.

STAGE 2: Instant Therapy

If you are experiencing stress symptoms we have energy medicine practitioners, breathwork coaches, mindfulness-based psychologists, yoga teachers, counselors, and spiritual advisors who provide guided sessions to relax your mind. All offer guided meditation and some can teach you simple therapeutic physical or breathing exercises. If you are worried about your performance a number of our therapists also specialize in this area


Your assigned coordinator will talk you through any therapy you are interested in beforehand. They will explain how it may feel and benefit you. Whichever therapist and treatment you choose, you have the option to dive straight into a session with them or further explore their services during a free one 2 one, 30-minute personal introduction session. After your first session, we can arrange a therapy program that can include a variety of therapies if you wish.

Stage 3: Choose your Athlete ER Team

We have psychologists, life coaches, mentors, NLP trainers, mental coaches, counsellors, performance coaches & dieticians on our team and on our database. All have played or worked in professional sports extensively so will understand your issues at the deepest levels.


We can arrange a combination program where you work with different practitioners. Our therapists will collaborate to ensure all areas of need are covered, giving you a more deeply therapeutic and knowledge-enhancing experience. If you only want to focus on one area and work with just one person this is also an option.


Your assigned coordinator knows all of the practitioners personally. If your coordinator recommends a practitioner who they feel is the right match for you, they will explain why - of course, you can explore all of our practitioners and make an informed choice.


Whoever you resonate with and decide to work with, your coordinator will plan your sessions around time zones and schedules. You will always have the option to change practitioners or cancel your sessions at any point.

ready to work with us?

We strongly believe that the time taken under our care will be an empowering, healing, and educational experience and will provide many tools and takeaways that will continue to help you on your journey. We want you to leave us feeling at ease, aligned, optimistic, and even more knowledgeable about life and your chosen career path, so you can achieve the greatest possible outcomes for yourself! 


We host free themed webinars twice a month in which you can get to know us more personally and experience the Energy Therapies we offer. We also invite international sports professionals to speak about their careers in sports and participate in a Q&A session where attendees can ask questions and receive advice. All of our practitioners are experienced in giving group sessions and workshops which can be included in the packages for teams, agencies, and educational facilities. 


Please contact us for booking information, as well as flexible and affordable pricing options. Email us at We look forward to meeting you!


N.B. We will provide any service agreements needed to proceed. Our therapists are unable to work with minors without the consent of a parent or guardian. The Athlete ER Team can provide NDA's upon request.