Stage 1- Triage/Assesment

Upon receiving your request for assistance we can arrange a call to hear you and asses your needs. Everything from this point onwards is in the strictest confidence.


We will assign you a program coordinator throughout this 3 stage process. If you have any issues at any stage or would like to work with other practitioners during your time with us, your coordinator will be on call and ready to assist you at any point.

STAGE 2 - Instant Therapy

Our therapists are all certified and highly experienced. We have holistic therapists, energy medicine practitioners, breathwork coaches, mindfulness-based phycologists, and spiritual counselors on our team who all offer guided sessions to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.


Your assigned coordinator will talk you through each therapy beforehand. They can explain how it may feel and benefit you. Whichever therapist and treatment you choose, you have the option to dive straight into a session with them or further explore their services during a free one 2 one, 30-minute personal introduction session. 


Once you have had your first relaxation experience, you then have the option to create an Intensive Program with one, or any number of or practitioners, tailor-made to suit your needs and budget. 


You can also combine these sessions with our Performance, Mindset, and Self Development Coaches, all of whom are former or current professional Athletes that will understand any pressures you may be experiencing and offer one on one long or short term coaching programmes.

Stage 3 - Choose your Athlete ER Mental Health Team

Our mental health team includes; mindful psychologists, mindset coaches, mentors, counsellors,  performance coaches, dieticians, and spiritual coaches. All of whom are former professional athletes or coaches.


Most of our ER First Team has been collaborating for some time and have naturally become our 'ER First Responders' because of their mutual trust for each other, knowledge, gentle approach, and professionalism. 


Each delivers a unique, personal, and highly effective coaching or mentoring program that they design with you according to your needs and schedule. You can also arrange a combination of sessions with other practitioners.


Your assigned coordinator knows all of the practitioners personally and their unique styles of working. Your coordinator will recommend who could be the best fit for you and why - of course you are free to explore all of our practitioners and naturally the decision is entirely yours. We then go on to book your first session with an option to change practitioners or cancel your sessions at any point.


Whoever you resonate with and decide to work with within our team, your coordinator will plan your sessions with you to suit your time zones and schedules. 


We also have an extensive database of trusted service providers that offer services specific to your needs. These will include; mental health professionals, clinics, career transition specialists, concussions doctors, and recommended surgeons for sports injuries. We will do our best to find the best help for you.


We believe that your time under our care will be a wonderfully healing experience. We will give you many tools and takeaways that will continue to help you through your chosen life path. We aim to make sure you leave us relaxed, peaceful, joyful, optimistic, and more knowledgeable about life and how to create the best possible outcomes for you!


N.B  We will provide any service agreements needed to proceed. Our therapists are unable to work with minors without the consent of a parent or guardian. The Athlete ER Team can provide NDA's upon request.