The Athlete Emergency Room Team offers services to individuals, groups, teams, agencies, and organizations.

These include both  individual and group 4-6 week intensive workshops and programs. 

Upon receiving your request for assistance our program co-ordinator will contact you to asses your needs.

Your coordinator will be on call and ready to assist you at any point during your time with us.

One of our exceptionally skilled mind-body therapists will first conduct a calming and rejuvenating session for you. Our therapists have a track record of successfully addressing both physical and mental difficulties using natural therapy. In addition to creating performance-enhancing programs that address stress, injuries, traumatic experience, life transitions, or poor performance, they have provided athletes and teams with energy, pain treatment, and visualisation sessions.


After just one session, you'll be able to immediately feel how working with our therapists contributes significantly to improving your wellbeing. Continuing with their programs you will receive and learn a wide variety of methods 

that can help you stay mentally balanced, prevent injuries, significantly reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety and boost your intuition and energy for game time.They can help you to connect and communicate with everyone in your life more effectively and release negative patterns and past traumas that may be affecting these relationships and/or your performance.


Together along with our coordinator, you will make the optimal choice of practitioner and strategy. 

We have psychologists, life coaches, mentors, NLP trainers, mental coaches, counselors, performance coaches, and dieticians on our team and in our database. Most have played or coached sports at the highest levels, so they can draw from their own extensive knowledge and experience to provide you with a unique and focused mental training and psychological assistance. They can also serve as a confidante and mentor during trying times, supporting you as you work through obstacles and challenging emotions.


You can choose to work with a combination of the therapists on our team to address your needs and challenges, or you opt for one-on-one sessions and the 4–8 week programs that each therapist offers. 

The Athlete Emergency Room is an empowering, healing, and educational space for growth in human potential and inner strength. After each session and beyond, we want you to feel supported and heard so you can feel in alignment, confident and strengthened while also having a greater understanding of the mind-body connection and how to utilise it. 


So, whether you require pre-game energy and confidence, have aches, pains, or stress symptoms, or need someone trustworthy to confide in, we can help you whenever you need it.


You can meet some of our team more personally on our team page and by attending one of our free themed webinars or watching the recordings. 


We look forward to welcoming you to the Athlete Emergency Room!